We make sound visible

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Welcome to the CymaScope shop, where the wonderful world of sound is made visible in a magical and compelling way

DNA Voice Signature

Your voice imaged into beautiful artwork.

Your DNA Signature is unique to you.

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Sound Made Visible

We can image any sound to treasure forever, a baby’s first word, a dog’s bark of delight

A recording from a musical instrument, the purr of a cat, a baby giggling, or whatever sound has a special meaning to you.

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Compelling and intriguing, CymaArt will grace any home with beauty

A sumptuous range of CymaArt imaged by CymaScope & tastefully colorized to create the world's best cymatic art

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MusicMadeVisible App

Download the MusicMadeVisible App and see music like never before.

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Cymatic Devices

Experience the fundamentals of cymatics with our range of CymaPlate kits.

Each kit comes with full instructions and all you need to create beautiful cymatic patterns.

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The CymaScope is the first scientific instrument that can give a visual image of sound and vibration in ways previously hidden from view. When the microscope and telescope were invented they opened vistas on realms that were not even suspected to exist.

The CymaScope holds the same potential as the microscope and telescope and its applications are beginning to touch a broad range of human endeavor.

You can find out more by visiting our main website cymascope.com