What is CymaArt?

CymaArt is a new art form in which sound and music are made visible on a new scientific instrument called the CymaScope®. Historically, sound has been invisible but now sound is available for us to enjoy with our eyes and ears.

Using the CymaScope instrument we have captured moments from some of the world’s most beautiful music and from some of the most intriguing sounds of nature, such as the sounds of stars, brain rhythms, heart rhythms and even the heartbeat of our planet, the Schumann Cavity Resonance.

How we capture the sounds of Nature and Music

When sound or music vibrations encounter the CymaScope’s water membrane they create a visible imprint, a geometric representation of the sound. CymaArt pieces are not computer-generated, but are the imprints of sounds on water, much like fingerprints on glass. The patterns of the vibrations in the sound (or music) become visible to the eye or camera when light reflects off the imprinted geometric pattern.

Choosing Your CymaArt

Each CymaArt image is available in a variety of print styles and sizes to suit your needs and budget, everything from a 20-inch canvas to a postcard, printed with archival inks to guarantee that the prints you select will last a lifetime without fading or loss of color. We are proud to offer this wonderful collection of CymaArt that creates an intriguing talking point for all who are interested in sound, music and the inherent beauty they contain.

Choose a piece for yourself or a loved one.

Piano Notes - 1st Octave

For the first time in history individual piano notes have been made visible using the CymaScope Pro instrument. This beautiful 12-note composite image, with its delicately blue-tinted CymaGlyphs, will enhance the home of any musician or lover of music.

Star Songs Made Visible

It’s an astonishing and poetic fact that many stars have “songs” that radiate out into the Cosmos. The sonic signatures of stars are created by atomic processes, causing the star to ring like a very low-pitched bell, and these rhythmic sounds cause the light of the star to fluctuate. The starlight effectively carries the star song to Earth where it is demodulated by astronomers and converted back into sound.

This technique helps astronomers learn more about the processes in the atomic furnace of stars. In collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute and several Universities we imaged the song of the sun and of several stars on the CymaScope instrument. The results are beautiful harmonic patterns that we think will appeal to all interested in the beauty of Nature. Why not consider adding one of our star song images to your art collection?

Brainwave Frequencies

The human brain has natural low frequency rhythms that relate to the stages of consciousness: Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. Alpha rhythms are typically 8 to 13 Hz and relate to our relaxed waking state: Beta rhythms in the range 18 to 22 Hz, are associated with our rational waking state; Theta rhythms are typically 4 to 7 Hz and occur during our meditative state; Delta rhythms are usually 1-3 Hz and originate during our deep sleep state.

The CymaScope is able to make visible frequencies as low as 3 Hz, so we are able to make visible the full range of brain frequencies. Amazingly the Alpha image even resembles the two hemispheres of a brain!

Chakras & Chants

Chakras are believed to be centers of life force in the body and are derived from an ancient Hindu tradition. The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras are a powerful tool among yogi adepts and energetic healing practitioners in almost every world culture.

Our Chakra Mandala section includes an un-retouched 7-sided CymaGlyph created on the CymaScope by the voice of chant master, Jonathan Goldman. Also in the range is a Heart Sutra Mandala created by the voice of Japanese songstress, Izumi Watanabe; and a series of seven beautiful chakra images created using the musical notes preferred by Jonathan Goldman.

Imagineering Images

Einstein-Rosen Bridge
An Einstein–Rosen bridge is a hypothetical “shortcut” through space-time. This design is an artistic interpretation created at a low frequency on the CymaScope. The central region shows a spiral vortex, surrounded by a quasi-3D tunnel of concentric energy rings. The image is superimposed on an actual star field of the Cosmos. Definitely for homes where scientific minds dwell!

Hands Around The World
This amazing CymaGlyph was captured using a frequency that is related to Schumann Cavity Resonance; some people call it “the heartbeat of the planet.” Amazingly, the image appears to resemble a circle of people united by holding hands. Perhaps the message we can take from this is that regardless of color, creed or language friendship and fellowship are fundamental to world peace and harmony. At the top of the image, above the band of “people,” are what appear to be star clusters in the heavens, yet the only addition to this image was color, all other features are exactly as captured by the camera.