CymaArt Glass Coasters


Distinctly unique coasters with exclusive cymatic images.

• Sold in a boxed set of four identical coasters.

• Each piece features clear, square glass with metal edges and four cork pads.

• Coasters measure 3.35 inches/85 mm.

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Each image is encased in a 3.35 inches/85 mm square glass with Tiffany style metal edges made famous by Louis Tiffany in the late 19th century. Four cork backing pads guard surfaces from any damage. Our quality coasters will beautify any home and they make the perfect gift for treating others or yourself!

There are four designs to choose from. See below for the explanation of each.

Heart Sutra Coasters (set of 4)
The heart is the symbol of love and affection throughout the world, so whether you give this beautiful set of coasters to someone you love, or adorn your own home with them, the message is clear: love dwells in the heart. The heart-shaped geometry of the image is a moment from a song appropriately titled “Heart Sutra,” by the beautiful Japanese vocalist Izumi Watanabe. Color is the only embellishment we added; the image reflects the purity embedded in the words and the intention of the songstress.

Tirumalai Krischnamacharya Coasters

Tirumalai Krischnamacharya Coasters (set of 4)
Tirumalai Krischnamacharya (b 1888 d1989) is known by yoga adepts as ‘the father of modern yoga‘ and may have been the most influential yoga teacher of the 20th century. In honor of his legacy we have made visible his DNA Voice Signature enunciating the primordial OM sound from a recording of his voice. The result is a beautiful 10-fold image, which contains the phi ratio, ubiquitous throughout life and contained at the very heart of our DNA. (DNA features 10-fold geometry when viewed from end on).  Your Tirumalai coasters have been delicately colorized to adorn any beautiful space.

With every set of four Tirumalai coasters purchased we will make a $5 donation to Yoga Gives Back in support of mothers and children in India.