CymaArt Glass Coasters


Distinctly unique coasters with exclusive cymatic images.

• Sold in a boxed set of four identical coasters.

• Each piece features clear, square glass with metal edges and four cork pads.

• Coasters measure 3.35 inches/85 mm.

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Each image is encased in a 3.35 inches/85 mm square glass with Tiffany style metal edges made famous by Louis Tiffany in the late 19th century. Four cork backing pads guard surfaces from any damage. Our quality coasters will beautify any home and they make the perfect gift for treating others or yourself!

There are four designs to choose from. See below for the explanation of each.

Chakra Chants Coasters (set of 4)
Chakras are believed to be centers of life force in the body and are derived from an ancient Hindu tradition. The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras are a powerful tool among yogi adepts and energetic healing practitioners in almost every world culture. Our Chakra Chants coaster is an un-retouched 7-sided CymaGlyph created on the CymaScope by the voice of chant master Jonathan Goldman.

Einstein-Rosen Bridge Coasters (set of 4)
An Einstein–Rosen bridge is a hypothetical “shortcut” through space-time. This coaster design is an artistic interpretation created at a low frequency on the CymaScope. The central region shows a spiral vortex, surrounded by a quasi-3D tunnel of concentric energy rings. The image is superimposed on an actual star field of the Cosmos. Definitely for homes where scientific minds dwell!

Heart Sutra Coasters (set of 4)
The heart is the symbol of love and affection throughout the world, so whether you give this beautiful set of coasters to someone you love, or adorn your own home with them, the message is clear: love dwells in the heart. The heart-shaped geometry of the image is a moment from a song appropriately titled “Heart Sutra,” by the beautiful Japanese vocalist Izumi Watanabe. Color is the only embellishment we added; the image reflects the purity embedded in the words and the intention of the songstress.

Hands Around the World Coasters (set of 4)
This stunning CymaGlyph was captured using a frequency that is related to Schumann Cavity Resonance; some people call it “the heartbeat of the planet.” Amazingly, the image appears to resemble a circle of people united by holding hands. Perhaps the message we can take from this is that regardless of color, creed or language friendship and fellowship are fundamental to world peace and harmony. At the top of the image, above the band of “people,” are what appear to be star clusters in the heavens, yet the only addition to this image was color, all other features are exactly as captured by the camera.