Yoga Mandala


Your own voice imaged and made into a unique and beautiful piece of voice art.
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How it Works:

The CymaScope is the first instrument to create a unique work of art from a recording of your own voice, allowing you to see the visual result of your personal sound – a moment of the beautiful geometry in your voice captured forever in your personalized Yoga Mandala.

The beautiful geometry in your voice is unique to you because your body consists of a delicate tracery of energy, arranged layer upon layer, frequency upon frequency. Your voice emits these frequencies when you speak or sing, bathing you and everyone in your vicinity with this sound template that is yours alone.

In addition to making your voice visible, any sound that you send us can be visually captured to treasure forever. A recording from a musical instrument, the purr of a cat, a baby giggling, or whatever sound has a special meaning to you. Use our easy web recorder, or email us a sound file in mp3 or WAV format, and we will guide you on the payment process.

Tips on making your Yoga Mandala audio file

1. Choose a quiet environment to make your recording.

2. Please make sure that the recordings are free of all other sounds as that may interfere with the CymaScope imaging. For example if a truck passes your door or your doorbell rings, please start over.

3. Choose a comfortable position, either sitting straight or standing.

4. Begin your recording by stating your name.

5. Center yourself, close your eyes. We recommend recording an “OOO” sound. Say the sound in a variety of pitches, especially deep/low pitches. You could also try toning “A Eee Eye Oh You (AEIOU)”.

6. We need only a few seconds of your voice for the CymaScope to image, but feel free to record a sample of up to 90 seconds.

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