What is a Voice Mandala?

Your own voice imaged and made into a unique and beautiful piece of voice art.

Why image your voice?

The beautiful geometry in your voice is unique to you because your body consists of a delicate tracery of energy, arranged layer upon layer, frequency upon frequency. Your voice emits these frequencies when you speak or sing, bathing you and everyone in your vicinity with this sound template that is yours alone.

How are they created?

The CymaScope is the first instrument to create a unique work of art from a recording of your own voice, allowing you to see the visual result of your personal sound – a moment of the beautiful geometry in your voice captured forever in your personalized Voice Mandala. The CymaScope instrument imprints your voice vibrations onto pure water, similar to a fingerprint on glass. We capture your voice imprint with special lighting and a high-resolution digital camera.

Your Choice of Voice Mandala

You can choose from a single voice mandala or combine two voices and create a double voice mandala.


There are 12 colors to choose from, each one is available on a color background or black background.

Use the slider to compare color and black background.

Mandala Color Styles with Black Background

Mandala Color Styles with Color Background

How it Works