DNA Voice Signature single


Your own voice imaged and made into a unique and beautiful piece of voice art.

Color Style: Please choose your color style and background. Scroll down or click here to see the options.

How do I record my sound? Once you have placed your order, you will receive your order confirmation email with a link to our online sound recorder.

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How it works

Your DNA not only determines your body shape, facial features and the color of your eyes and hair, it also shapes your unique voice. Now, your personalized DNA Voice Signature can be imaged using our exclusive CymaScope technology. In a seamless blend of science and art, we will image your voice and supply a digital file in colors of your choice that you can have printed at any print shop*

– a beautiful piece of art to enjoy and a legacy to be treasured for generations to come.

* recommended print sizes are 15” /40 cm square, 20″ / 50cm square, 24” / 60cm square and 36” / 90cm square.

  • 12 color choices
  • Backgrounds available in color and black
  • Choice of single or Double DNA Voice Signature
  • Add-on option: a small version for use on business cards or as your email monogram

Color Options

Use the slider to compare color and black background.

DNA Voice Signature Color Styles with Black Background

DNA Voice Signature Color Styles with Color Background

Tips on making your DNA Voice Signature audio file

1. Choose a quiet environment to make your recording.

2. Please make sure that the recordings are free of all other sounds as that may interfere with the CymaScope imaging. For example if a truck passes your door or your doorbell rings, please start over.

3. Choose a comfortable position, either sitting straight or standing.

4. Begin your recording by stating your name.

5. Center yourself, close your eyes. We recommend recording an “OOO” sound. Say the sound in a variety of pitches, especially deep/low pitches. You could also try toning “A Eee Eye Oh You (AEIOU)”.

6. We need only a few seconds of your voice for the CymaScope to image, but feel free to record a sample of up to 90 seconds.

Additional information

Color Style

Awakening, Chakra, Clarity, Energy, Infinity, Love, Peace, Power, Transform, Trust, Truth, Wisdom


Black, Color