What is a DNA Voice Signature

Your own DNA voice “signature,” or the voice of a loved one, is made into a unique and beautiful piece of art by CymaScope technology. Whether spoken or sung, your voice, the audible expression of your DNA, is yours, and yours alone.

Why image your voice?

Your DNA not only determines your body shape, facial features and the color of your eyes and hair, it also shapes your unique voice. Now, your personalized DNA Voice Signature can be imaged using our exclusive CymaScope technology. In a seamless blend of science and art, we will image your voice and supply a digital file in colors of your choice that you can have printed at any print shop*

– a beautiful piece of art to enjoy and a legacy to be treasured for generations to come.

* Recommended print sizes: 15” / 40cm square, 20” / 50cm square, 24” / 60cm square and 36” / 90cm square.

How is your DNA Voice Signature created?

It’s easy and simple. You record your voice on our website Voice Recorder and send the recording to us via our online service. Once we receive your recording we’ll image your voice using our laboratory CymaScope instrument, a process in which your voice vibrations will be imprinted onto pure water, like a fingerprint on glass. We capture your DNA Voice Signature with special lighting and a high-resolution digital camera and you will receive a high-resolution digital file in color. No two DNA Voice Signatures are ever alike; your DNA Voice Signature will be as unique as you are.

What is the CymaScope?

The CymaScope is a new type of scientific instrument that makes visible the once invisible realm of sound.

Just as the telescope and microscope revealed realms of Nature that were not even suspected to exist, the CymaScope reveals a previously invisible aspect of sound. The graphic “sound wave” model is incomplete; the true nature of audible sound is that of a pulsating sphere and the CymaScope captures a cross-section through the sphere, revealing the delicate and complex structures within. Now, the unique qualities of your voice, which are shaped by your DNA, can be captured to reveal this beautiful aspect of you – a unique blend of science and art.

Your Choice of DNA Voice Signature

You can choose from a single DNA Voice Signature or combine two voices and create a double DNA Voice Signature. There is also an add-on option to buy a small version of the digital file, with a transparent background, for use on business cards or as your email monogram.


There are 12 colors to choose from, each one is available on a color background or black background.

Use the slider to compare color and black background.

DNA Voice Signature Color Styles with Black Background

DNA Voice Signature Color Styles with Color Background

How it Works