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Any sound that you send us can be visually captured to treasure forever. A recording from a musical instrument, the purr of a cat, a baby giggling, or whatever sound has a special meaning to you. You will receive a sound mandala created by your sound and unique to you.

Before choosing the color style and background, scroll down to see examples of a baby’s first crya dog’s howl and a cat’s purr. Your sound file, and therefore image, will of course be unique to your baby, pet or musical instrument.

Color Style: Please choose your color style and background. Scroll down or click here to see the options.

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The CymaScope is the first instrument that can create a unique and beautiful work of art from your sound file. We can visually capture any sound you send us as a work of art to treasure forever.

A recording from a musical instrument, the purr of a cat, a baby giggling,  a dog howling or barking, or any sound that holds a special meaning for you. You will receive a sound mandala created by your sound and unique to you.
If you prefer to have your voice made visible (or that of a loved one) please visit our Voice Mandala section.
  • 12 color choices
  • Backgrounds available in color and black
  • Each Sound Made Visible image comes as a digital file for home printing or by a professional print shop

Tips on making your Sound Made Visible audio file

1. Choose a quiet environment to make your recording.
2. Please make sure that the recording is free of all other sounds as the CymaScope instrument is very sensitive and will make visible any extraneous sounds in your recording, as well the sound you wish to make visible.
3. We need only a few seconds of sound, whether it be a baby’s first words or giggle, a cat’s purr, a dog’s howl or bark or the sound of a musical instrument but if you are using our online recorder feel free to record a sample of up to 90-seconds.
4. You will receive a digital file of a still moment from your sound file, which we will select as most beautiful and representative. If you would prefer to order a CymaScope video file please write to us via our contact form with full details and we will quote you a cost.

Examples of Sound Made Visible

A baby’s first cry

A dog’s bark

A cat’s meow

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