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Did the ancient Egyptians use sonic science? Egyptian Sonics is an acoustical and cymatics study of the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber that suggests the possibility of sonic rituals.



The ancient Egyptians laid the foundations of many sciences and some of their discoveries influenced Greek and Roman science. In the field of acoustics we know from the Roman architect, Vetruvius, that acoustic techniques were employed in both the Roman and Greek cultures; but were their architects inspired by acoustical knowledge obtained from ancient Egypt?

This acoustics study by John Stuart Reid provides compelling evidence that the Egyptians had at least a rudimentary sonic science. On three separate occasions Reid carried out acoustics experiments in the King’s Chamber, culminating in a cymatics study of the sarcophagus. Much to his surprise, and the antiquities inspector, Egyptian hieroglyphs began appearing in the sand, several of which are published in this study.

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