CymaPlate Kit – Model M


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Whether you are 9 or 90 our CymaPlate Kit is the perfect way to learn how sound creates form. A great gift for someone you love!



The CymaPlate kit is a wonderful and affordable way to study cymatics, bridging science and art.

After several months in development the new CymaPlate it is now available, offering inspiration to all who wish to study the science of cymatics in an affordable and fun way. Cymatics holds a great potential to help humanity across a wide range of scientific disciplines and there is no better place to start learning the fundamentals of this new field than with the CymaPlate kit.

Each kit is supplied with detailed instructions describing how to make beautiful cymatic patterns and capture them forever as works of art, with our unique and simple system.

Also included is a STEAM class (Science Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) providing a guide to the physics of sound and an introduction to the science of cymatics, written in easy to understand language that is accessible to all students from ages 9 to 90 (suggested stage from Year 4 (UK) /Fourth Grade (USA).

Now you too can do the cymatics experiments in your home, school or college.


Our CymaPlate kit contains:

1. CymaPlate with vibrant blue face
2. Compact table stand
3. Violin bow
4. Rosin for bow
5. Particulate sprinkler (ready filled and reusable again & again)
6. Vial of glitter
7. Full instructions including how to make permanent art pieces
8. STEAM class for avid students of cymatics