Water Wonders Kit – Magical cymatics at your fingertips!


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Our CymaPlate E range kits provide a wonderful introduction to creating live cymatics in particulate matter, but now you can convert a CymaPlate E kit or E+ kit to imaging sound in water, revealing high detail and quasi 3D CymaGlyphs that we have no doubt you will find deeply inspirational and helpful in your science or art studies. In fact, the Water Wonders kit is a beautiful marriage of science and art.

With this awe-inspiring conversion kit you will be able to make visible the pure frequency tones of the audio oscillator* supplied with your CymaPlate E kit or E+ kit. And if you also own one of our Optional Voice Modules, you will be able to make visible the sounds of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, harps, pianos, vocal toning, animal sounds, sounds from space and much more, all in exquisite detail that will delight you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Examples of imagery captured with this kit are shown in the illustration. All you need is a smartphone or conventional camera to capture the imagery.

The Kit Includes the Following Items:

  • Fused quartz MF cuvette with black fused quartz bottom
  • Cleaning spray for cuvette and lint-free tissues
  • Lab glass water container and pipette
  • Boom stand and light ring adapter
  • Levelling platform with Allen key
  • Light ring and power supply
  • Silicone fixing grease
  • Full instructions

Please note: Water Wonders Kits are hand-assembled and shipped within 28-days of order.


* Within the bandwidth of the medium frequency cuvette.  The MF cuvette supplied can image frequencies in the range 40Hz to 300Hz. We will be adding other (optional purchase) cuvettes in future months to extend the range of the Water Wonders kit both below and above the MF range.